Blomus Teastick

Blomus Teastick



Try something out of the ordinary for your next cup of tea. This modern and stylish kitchen gadget holds just enough loose tea to brew a single cup of tea. Cleaning is a snap. It’s convenient and fun to use.

The Blomus Teastick is stainless steel tube perforated at one end with infusion holes, and a black plastic insert that slides out for filling with tea leaves. To use, simply insert the stick into a cup of hot water. This Blomus Teastick makes a superb gift.

Kilner Butter Churn

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The Kilner Butter Churn is easy enough for the whole family to use and is perfect for incorporating kids into the kitchen. The size is practical and gives you a good amount of butter. Now, you can make fresh homemade butter in about 8-10 minutes.

This Kilner Butter Churn is 10 oz capacity and makes 1/2 cup butter. It allows you to create your own inventive flavours by adding herbs, spices, garlic or chilli. Also, includes the selection of recipes and step by step instruction guide. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set

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Achieve all of your homemade pasta dreams with 6 different attachments that each use the power of your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I think homemade pasta is so much better than dried. I might say it takes some practice to get perfect noodles, but I’m pretty sure you will be absolutely happy with this gadget. So worth it.

The KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set offers great versatility. It includes pasta roller, capellini cutter, lasagne cutter, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter and ravioli maker. Comes with good recipes, gets the job done very easy and homemade pasta is always fantastic.

Let me tell you, if you want often make pasta at home, having this kitchen gadget saves you time and makes less mess. Also, this KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set would be awesome Christmas gift idea.

Pumpkin Wagon Salt & Pepper Set

This Pumpkin Wagon Salt & Pepper Set just adorable for autumn collections. A charming table decoration for the season, especially on Thanksgiving table.

It’s a 3-piece of a very attractive salt and pepper set. The colors are more beautiful than it appears on the picture. The wheels do not turn so the wagon just keeps salt and pepper shakers together. They’re ceramic pumpkin shakers with silicone stopper in a base.

These salt and pepper shakers are approximately 3.3 inches tall and 2.2 inches in diameter. Overall, it’s a perfect size.
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Nordic Ware Holiday Pancake Pan

What a great way to make pancakes. Kids will absolutely love eating these pancakes. You can make a Christmas morning so much happier.

The Nordic Ware Holiday Pancake Pan excellent addition to your kitchen and also it’s a great Holiday gift idea. This pan has a non-stick surface and makes clean-up easy. Nordic Ware Holiday Pancake Pan makes a thin light 3inch pancake and blinis in fun shapes. Made in USA with imported handle. Overall, it’s a pretty good kitchen gadget.
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Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper

Getting a perfect scoop helps your cookies evenly baked down perfectly flat and round each time. The dough scoops will easily fall onto your cookie sheet just where you want them. Works every time.

Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper creates uniform cookies. It has soft, comfortable spring-loaded handle, made of stainless steel material. Wiper cleanly ejects even sticky dough.

The Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper is the secret for easy baking. Make a perfect cookie scoop portion each time.
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Best Turkey Fryer

Now, you can enjoy more time with family and friends instead of constantly having to check the turkey in the oven. Forget to fry outdoors, the fact that this Turkey Fryer can be used indoors is amazing. The poultry comes out delicious, juicy and tender. Also, it works great for frying anything the wings, duck, onion rings, chicken and the list continues.

Best Turkey Fryer

This is the Best Turkey Fryer. It holds up to 18 pounds poultry. The Waring Pro Turkey Fryer cooks a delicious turkey in just over an hour. It’s stainless steel vented lid. Rotisserie function uses 1/3 less oil than a traditional deep fryer.

Overall, the Waring Pro Turkey Fryer is the best kitchen gadget. Easy to clean up and saves so much time. It would be great Christmas gift idea.
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Prepara Roasting Laurel

I would definitely recommend this gadget for Thanksgiving turkey. It’s something different and unique than the typical metal roasting rack. This is a great solution for roasting in any size or shaped pan.

The Prepara Roasting Laurel keeps bird or roast up and out of grease and dripping for healthier cooking. It’s bendable and flexible, heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Can be used with fish, bird, vegetable and more.

The Prepara Roasting Laurel helps the meat brown more evenly and eliminates sticking. It will not scratch enameled or non-stick pans. BPA free and dishwasher safe.
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Prepara Roasting Laurel
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Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets

Some people spend so much time in their kitchen, they love cooking and baking. The utensils and appliances have not only work well but also look great too. Let look out for an amazing Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets.

Green Set of 7 Built-in Stand

These Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets include Green Set of 7 Built-in Stand. No more mess on your counter, table and stove. You don’t have to leave utensils hanging over the edge of pan or pot. Built-in stand keeps utensil head above counter tops. The grip is soft and comfortable in your hand.

These Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets have excellent quality and make life so much easier to cook with. This great 7 piece set is perfect for a gift. As a bonus, you’ll receive 99+ Thanksgiving Recipe eBook (PDF file) and free 121 Cooking Secrets eBook (PDF file).
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OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Many kitchen gadgets designed to help you easily prepare the food and enjoy your dinner. I really like the 3-tier Oven Rack, this tool comes handy with large meals such as Thanksgiving and Christmas party.

OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter

This turkey lifter amazed me how easy I can transfer my poultry from pan to a dish. The soft, comfortable grip absorbs pressure while lifting poultry up to 24 pounds. Firmly secure poultry and prevent turning and slipping during transport. This OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter works great. The durable, stainless steel Turkey Lifter is dishwasher safe.
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