Unique Over The Sink Cutting Board

The Unique Over the Sink Cutting Board is a product every mom needs in her kitchen.

Clean and chop vegetables over your sink with the unique over-the-sink cutting board, making space no longer is a problem! Expandable cutting board includes a removable collapsible colander. Expand the colander to use and collapse to store. Best kitchen gadget ever.
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Folding Drain Rack – Stainless Steel Colander Drying Tray

This Folding Drain Rack – Stainless Steel Colander Drying Tray might be quite simple, but it’s a high-quality item and works well. It immediately becomes a permanent kitchen sink accessory. If you are looking for kitchen gadgets that would not take up much space this Folding Drain Rack is for you.

It’s great for drying any fruits or veggies you want and avoiding water messes. Simply roll out your drain rack over your sink and keep your kitchen as simple and clean as ever. Then after done using this rack just roll it up and put it in your counter.

The Stainless Steel Colander Drying Tray is incredibly sturdy but lightweight and takes heavy pots with ease. The dimensions of the gadget are 15.75 inches by 8.625 inches, and it’s height 0.5inches. Made from silicone and stainless steel.
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Dreamfarm Vegetable Steam Strainer

I love eating healthy. But these days it’s becoming harder and harder to make food delicious and healthy. Every time I make some steamed veggies I end up with a load of dishes in the sink, which no one really enjoys.

There’s a trick for everything. You can trick your boss into thinking you weren’t late for work. You can even trick yourself sometimes without even knowing it. I tricked myself into thinking steaming vegetables was always gonna leave such a mess. But then I came across this Dreamfarm Vegetable Steam Strainer.

It’s a unique wall design squashes down to fit any sized pot, keeping the pot lid on tightly to cut steaming and boiling time. The bottom of the Dreamfarm Vegetable Steam Strainer is raised about a 1/2 inch, 5 inches in diameter and overall 5 inches high. The strainer is silicone so it’s BPA free.

Handles pop into the air. So you can easily take your gadget out of the hot water and leave it on the sink to strain before serving. It’s a functional kitchen gadget to use every day.
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Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory

I love beautiful and practical kitchen gadgets. There’s a whole world of unique cooking tools out there to simplify our life. Make your work in the kitchen much easier and more enjoyable.

Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory

It’s time to start cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables during summer months. Food Strainer with Ingenious Design allows for easy, effortless straining of liquids in the sink, in a cup or in a plant.

Both bowl and strainer are made of durable, food-grade, BPA-free Polypropylene. This Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory is lightweight, tough, and 100% guaranteed to outlast competing products. The bowl is microwave and freezer safe. Measures 11.4 ounces.
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Counter Edge Cutting Board with Collapsible Scrap Bin

This Counter Edge Cutting Board with Collapsible Scrap Bin is one of those products when you use and smile, saying why I didn’t buy it before. I love the one similar The Sink Cutting Board, it’s also really useful and unique kitchen gadget.

This cutting board is designed to hug a counter edge, and once it’s in place it isn’t going anywhere. The bottom is non-slip surface that keeps the board from sliding. It has a convenient collapsible bin that may be removed after use for easy storage. Just the perfect size Counter Edge Cutting Board with Collapsible Scrap Bin.

This kitchen gadget is fantastic for making salads with the scraps bin right there. So, you don’t need to worry about running to the trash every few seconds. The innovation cutting boards allow you to keep your knives in top shape for every slice and dice.
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The Kitchen Compost Caddy – Useful Gadget for Home

The Kitchen Compost Caddy is a great system to store their composting bin onto the inside of a cabinet door at a convenient height beneath the kitchen counter, or anywhere in the home.

If your cabinet doors are on the small side, be extra careful with mounting.

The instructions that come with the caddy are excellent, but your situation might be unique. This kitchen caddy comes in lots of different sizes. So you can pick the one that fits your cabinet perfectly.

This home gadget is an easy product to fill, remove, and empty into the larger composter.
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Modern Sponge and Scrubber Holder with Suction Grip Base

Unique Grip Sponge and Scrubber Holder by Casabella is brilliant and very useful. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t have one of these all along. This unique gadget not only does it work very well, but it looks really attractive on the sink. The suction cup is very strong and stays secure.

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How To Clean Cutlery or Utensils Quick And Easy – Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner

We eat everyday, and each day we clean the cutlery. Also, we like to use tips to care our stainless steel utensils. A fast and easy way to clean knives and forks after cooking it’s have an Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner. Just add a bit of soap and water to the gadget, and then press through and pull up to scrub things clean. The Cutlery Cleaner works way better than a sponge or scrub pad, and allows you to touch less of the yucky stuff while working. Make your daily work easy and enjoyable. Add unique gadgets to your kitchen.
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