Fabulous Addition to Designer’s Desk

What a cute  Glass Candy Dish. It looks best with loose candy, like M&Ms or jelly beans, just a fun way to share treats in the office. People will surely be surprised when sticking hands in the plastic zip bag to discover it’s actually hard glass.
Buy this cool and very unique dish: http://amzn.to/1s64ZA7
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Cool Toothpaste Holder

This is what your family has always wanted but never found. The most useful and innovative idea to merge your toothpaste and toothbrush into a happy union. It will make your bathroom the envy of your neighbors. It monts in seconds to any tile, mirror or smooth surface.
Just buy it today, and enjoy: http://amzn.to/1s5xeio
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Cool Kids Snack Containers

Snack Container offers innovative, functional and toxin-free products for babies and toddlers.

Silicone Sandwich Pouch is perfect for use around the home, to send with your little ones to daycare or kindergarten, or for use when the family is on-the-go. Safe, resilient and easy to clean.

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Get a Leg Up Safely in the Shower

This is a bathroom idea for the ladies out there.

Made for cubicle type showers where there’s no place to rest your foot for shaving. Position the footrest at any height with its strong suction cup. Also, we all know back pain and mobility are huge issues for pregnant women. The Leg Up Safely Footrest can help with that!

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Grilling Products that Make Sense

Sur La Table Grill Clips

Grilled asparagus is delicious. But don’t you hate it when they fall between the bars on the grate? With handy Sur La Table Grill Clips make it easier than ever to grill individual portions of vegetables.

Perfect when cooking for one or the whole family. You also will like them for green onions, carrots, and strips of zucchini.

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Space-Saving Power Bed Riser Strips

If you’re living in a small, cramped space, possibly with another human being, you know that anything that combines functions is generally something you’ll find handy.

These Space-Saving Power Bed Riser Strips come with outlets, so you can plug your reading light and other appliances into them—genius! The USB ports are useful because for some reason, wall warts still aren’t designed sensibly and really. It’s past time to start making a USB ports standard in outlets anyway. Great ideas to increase the space of small dorm rooms.

One more home gadget can be conveniently used in the bedroom, kitchen and any room is the Bluelounge MiniDock Charger. You simply connect the charger to any electrical outlet and power your device to be charged upright everywhere.
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Space Saving with Power Bed Riser Strips

Have a Little Disney World at Home

We are not a Mickey Mouse or Disney Parks fans but this adorable Waffle Maker is perfect for my family. I’m pretty sure my kids would love to eat fun waffles for breakfast. The iron makes waffle super quick and very easy to clean.
Purchase and make a perfect surprise for you kids: http://amzn.to/1qHFMIjiron, mickey, mouse, hot, breakfast, kids, fun, disney, land, maker, kids, love, kitchen, gadgets, home, daily,

Make Your Office a Better Place with these Unique Gadgets

Why not opt for some gadgets that will not only spruce up your desk aesthetically, but also add some functionality to your daily work life. These Magnetic Stones you can use in many ways. They balance perfectly on a circular base and can be used to keep your post-it pads in place, store your metal clips and pins, or just act as an alluring conversation piece.
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