Aquala Bathtub Caddy by Umbra

The Aquala Bathtub Caddy by Umbra is absolutely amazing. It has wine glass holder, book – iPad prop, some hooks, and extendable arms.

It’s a perfect gadget if you want to read a book or study while taking a bath or just relax with a glass of wine. The metal arms are perfectly non-slip. The Aquala Bathtub Caddy by Umbra is beautiful, sturdy and functional.

This fancy gadget would make a nice gift for the stressed out lady or gentlemen in your life, who needs a good tub soak. It’s a nice size wooden table and fits across any tubs. You will really enjoy using this unique home gadget.
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Brookstone Towel Warmer

Nothing can replace the great warm comfort from heated towel after the shower or swim. This Brookstone Towel Warmer I always wanted.

Simply place up the towels inside this Brookstone Towel Warmer as you getting in the shower. Close the lid and press the warming button. So, the towels will be ready in 10 minutes. When you get out grab the towel and enjoy. The warmer stays warm awhile even after the heating cycle is done. It easily holds 3 bath towels.

Make your bathroom comfortable and functional with these unique gadgets.

This is a great little luxury you will use often, especially if you have kids. The gadget warms and keeps towels at up to 120degrees within 10 minutes.
Perfect use it to warm towels before getting out of the pool. Can also warm the sofa throws. The Brookstone Towel Warmer is a great home gadget.
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Quirky Pivot Power Smart Flexible Power Strip

The Quirky Pivot Power is the simplest way to turn your home into a smart home. A power strip that can hold all your electronics. The gadget is shapeable, so you can bend it around the corner of the desk at a 90 degree angle. It also comes in other colors which can be kind of fun. The Quirky Pivot Power works perfect for a kitchen, there always need more outlets.

The Smart Flexible Power Strip has a blue light signaling it’s on. You’ll find the Quirky Pivot Power very useful. It’s a perfect home gadget for Christmas decoration or other holidays.

I also love the Quirky Pivot Power Genius which allowing you to independently control two outlets from your mobile device. You will never wonder if you’ve left your lamp on at home again. Absolutely great home gadgets.
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Stalwart Hide a Key Set – Includes Rock, Thermometer and Sprinkler

The Stalwart Hide a Key Set looks so much like the real thing. Only you will know where are your keys.

The Thermometer really works and hides the key, how cool is that. This device is an awesome imitation of the real thermometer.

The Rock is a good looking rock. If you put it with a bunch of other rocks, I am quite certain nobody would notice any difference or suspect anything.

The Sprinkler is a great idea too. You could probably fit 5 keys into this if you wanted to. I am very comfortable that this unit is buried in a spot where it will get very wet, but my keys are safe from the elements.

These home gadgets an absolutely fabulous idea. I would have never thought about it. Highly recommend this Stalwart Hide a Key Set to others.
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Moen Double Curved Shower Rod

The Moen Double Curved Shower Rod and the Impey Footrest transform the bathroom without having a remodel. It keeps the bathroom looking neat.

The installation takes a little longer because of the design, but it’s totally worth it. With this home gadget, you can hang the decorative curtain on the outside and the liner on the inside rod. Those two bars are also nice for the curtain and another to dry bath towels.

Also, you will enjoy the extra elbow room in the shower. And will never again have a single curtain rod after this one. The Moen Double Curved Shower Rod of very high quality and it’s very practical.
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Gadgets For Home

My favorite gadgets for a home are created by Quirky. Do you love organizing? Then, these unique Quirky Loopits work great to keep secured almost any objects in your house.

Quirky Loopits

It’s easy to install everywhere around the house, in the office, garage and inside the closet. The package comes with enough sizes for small and large items. Elastic band straps for cool wall storage. It’s easier nowadays to be creative with innovation home gadgets.

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Quirky Loopits Gadgets For Home

Time Out Sand Timer Stool

What a cute Time Out Sand Timer Stool. Every mommy needs this gadget for her kids.

Sometimes, it’s hard to learn our kids do not repeat their mistakes. This unique gadget should help you discipline your child. Every time the child needs to be punished the Time Out Sand Timer Stool can come in handy. Just ask your kids to sit down on the stool until all the sand poured down. The Time Out Sand Timer Stool will last for about 5 minutes.

Sometimes, it’s good for a kid to sit alone, calming down and thinking about what he did wrong. But I think my boys would love sitting on that stool and playing with.
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ReCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap

Nice cover, is tight enough not to leak on a mason jar. You’ll find dozens of things to do with these ReCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap.

ReCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap is great for homemade salad dressings or marinades. Just add your ingredients to the jar, then put the lid on – shake and you are ready to pour or store the leftovers. You can also store lemonade and infused water in mason jars in the fridge. They are also great for storage of items such as sugar etc. And you can also use ReCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap to take beverages along for a picnic.

ReCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap

People use these unique gadgets daily. You’ll find dozens of things to do with these lids on your mason Jars. Seals both on the jar and at the pour spout amazingly well. Jars not included.
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Magnetic Ironing Mat

We all love unique home gadgets, they make our life so much easier. Make you house a place you would love to be in with innovative gadgets.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to put scratches on your nice white washer and dryer tops? These Magnetic Ironing Mats are great for protecting your appliance finish.

Magnetic Ironing Mat

This Magnetic Ironing Mat is a space-saving tabletop sleeve ironing board for small items. The mat stays in place with the magnets. The gadget works great for when you are in a hurry or just have a couple of items needing ironing. Also, good for those who doesn’t iron a lot.
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Natural Linen Bread Bag, Keep Bread Fresh

I absolutely love this bag. This Pure Linen Bread Bag keeps the bread crispy on the outside and moist on the inside as the baker intended. Just right for the home baker and for storing delicious artisan breads. You can easily make your own bread with brilliant Lekue Bread Maker.
I don’t like storing in the refrigerator is also very bad for bread, it dries out at that temperature. The Mixed Natural Linen Bread Bag keeps your bread fresh for longer.

Linen Bread Bag Keeps Bread Fresh

Some people throw a towel over it, others freezing the bread and before want to eat it they run it in the toaster oven to crisp it up a bit. These are all great suggestions, but the Linen Bread Bag works best for me.
They Mixed Natural Linen Bread Bag made from a sustainable fabric that will get softer with each wash, and with proper care can last a lifetime. So, keep bread fresh with this awesome Bread Bag.
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