Monkey Loves Banana Slicer

You are using a knife your entire life to slice bananas. If you like kitchen gadgets and want a quick way to slice your bananas, this Banana Slicer will do the trick.

It’s as easy to use as squeezing scissor handles and cuts a bunch of success at once. The slices are on the thin side. Kids will find this slicer very easy and fun to use. Awesome little kitchen gizmo you can add to your kitchen.
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Brilliant Idea Separates Yolk from the White

I sure you could just use the shell to help separate a yolk from the egg white. But if you’re not skilled in this advanced technique, it could end up being a messy experience. I like this Brilliant Idea Separates Yolk from the White.

Egg Yolk Separator is a convenient tool  for every cook. You just crack an egg into a bowl, place the silicone bulb on top of the yolk and squeeze. The yolk is gently sucked up into the clear chamber at the end of the bulb, staying intact.

The Egg Yolk Separator is a faster and easier kitchen gadget for separating egg yolks and whites.

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Manually Powered Food Processors

The chopper by Chef’n is one of my favorite kitchen tools. You can chop practically anything in it from fruit and veggies to meat and even cheese. Nothing to plug in, no batteries and best of all, no tedious chopping! It also has different settings for small or large chopping.
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Stylish Nonstick Bialetti Pasta Pot – Review

I bought this well made Bialetti Pasta Pot. I am pleased with purchase. It is a nice sturdy pot, and the perfect size with oval design. Has excellent quality and really easy to use. The best part i like it’s simply lock the innovative lid with built-in strainer and drain hot water safe and easy. Highly recommended! 
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Nordic Ware Mini Scone Pan Review – Baking Tray for Holiday Dinner

With 16 individual wells, our pan makes it easy to bake tender, bite-size scones for brunch, tea or snacks. The nonstick coating helps to ensure your scones, biscuits or other pastries come out easily and hold their classic wedge shape. The premium nonstick finish ensures that the petite scones release perfectly every time.
The pan itself is of the highest quality. It’s heavy, it’s thick and durable and the scones pop right out leaving the pan looking like it was never used. As someone who enjoys the time in the kitchen, cooking and baking, this unique product thrills me to bits. Absolutely love this mini scone pan, it’s also, an excellent holiday present for your baker friend.
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Kitchen Little Tool – Rosle Egg Topper, Review

This kitchen little tool is an egg lover’s dream come true. Perfect for serving soft-boiled eggs in their shells, it effortlessly slices off a neat top section of shell, giving you easy access to the silken white and creamy golden yolk inside. No more egg shells for breakfast!
Efficient tool cleanly cracks the top of an egg shell, ready to be lifted off with a knife or by hand.
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Cuppow Canning Jar Converter – Review. Mix & Dip Food

Canning jars are designed to store food safely and make awesome lunch boxes. They are easy to clean, cheap, and you can microwave them!

The only problem is that sometimes the foods that taste the best together don’t travel well together. The Cuppow Canning Jar Converter created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ.

You will love being able to take veggies and dip in one container. Also, it’s a great kitchen gadget for holiday gift.

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V-Blade Mandoline Slicer – Review, for Everyday Use in Your Kitchen

This unique V-Blade Mandoline slices fruits and vegetables with ease. Four blades and a simple height adjuster make straight slices, crinkle cuts, French fries and julienne strips in a variety of thicknesses. The blades store on board and are easily removable for cleaning. A textured surface keeps food from sticking to the Mandoline and the food holder securely holds food and protects fingers. The handle and turning knob are soft for comfort and non-slip feet keep the Mandoline secure on the work surface.

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Best Christmas Gift Idea – SushiQuik Starter Kit for Sushi Lovers

Get ready to rock and…roll sushi. One of the hardest parts for a beginner. The sushi maker is spreading the right amount of rice, but this easy-to-use kit is here to help.

The SushiQuick Starter Kit includes a training frame to help you properly measure rice. Also includes a non-stick paddle for spreading rice, two roller end caps that can also be used as soy sauce holders. And a roll cutter to guide your knife and save your fingers.

Prepare yourself for fun, fresh meals that go swimmingly. This kitchen gadget makes making sushi quick and easy. Great Christmas gift for your friend who loves homemade sushi.

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Great Holiday Gift Idea – Taste Collection Cheese Curler

Ideal tool to use on the appetizer or the dessert table for formal or a casual tabletop. Additionally, you can wow your guests by using the curler to create delicious curls of chocolate. The curler complements all of Boska’s cheese tools and accessories creating a cozy, unique atmosphere to enjoy cheese with friends.
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