Lay-n-Go Large Activity Mat & Toy Organizer

My kids love to play with Lego, but not much as cleaning them up. So in the end I end up putting them away, which I hate doing. As a mother of two kids, it gets tiring to clean up after anything they do. Which goes from playing mini wars to playing house. This problem got to me every single time, no matter how much I tried.

Now with Lay-n-Go Large Activity Mat this problem doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a perfect gadget for keeping toys organized at home. Just put on this Play Mat kid’s toys and let them have fun there. Once they finished, the storage bag offers tons of room for small and large sized toys. With a quick pull of the drawstring, clean up is complete.

With this unique Toy Organizer, no mess and all toys will be stored to go for the next play session. The Play Mat is also 100% nylon so, it can just be wiped clean. It’s a huge floor mat folds out to 60 inches.  Great for outdoor picnics, camping or grandparent’s house.

Lay-n-Go Large Activity Mat is also would be great Christmas gift idea for kids.
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