KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set

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Achieve all of your homemade pasta dreams with 6 different attachments that each use the power of your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I think homemade pasta is so much better than dried. I might say it takes some practice to get perfect noodles, but I’m pretty sure you will be absolutely happy with this gadget. So worth it.

The KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set offers great versatility. It includes pasta roller, capellini cutter, lasagne cutter, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter and ravioli maker. Comes with good recipes, gets the job done very easy and homemade pasta is always fantastic.

Let me tell you, if you want often make pasta at home, having this kitchen gadget saves you time and makes less mess. Also, this KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set would be awesome Christmas gift idea.

Best Turkey Fryer

Now, you can enjoy more time with family and friends instead of constantly having to check the turkey in the oven. Forget to fry outdoors, the fact that this Turkey Fryer can be used indoors is amazing. The poultry comes out delicious, juicy and tender. Also, it works great for frying anything the wings, duck, onion rings, chicken and the list continues.

Best Turkey Fryer

This is the Best Turkey Fryer. It holds up to 18 pounds poultry. The Waring Pro Turkey Fryer cooks a delicious turkey in just over an hour. It’s stainless steel vented lid. Rotisserie function uses 1/3 less oil than a traditional deep fryer.

Overall, the Waring Pro Turkey Fryer is the best kitchen gadget. Easy to clean up and saves so much time. It would be great Christmas gift idea.
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Breville Personal Pie Maker

Enjoy the aroma of fresh baked pie in your own kitchen without heating up the oven. You can use this Pie Maker for many different kinds of dishes, not just for cupcakes and pies. You are limited by your own creativity.

The 4 deep wells accommodate a generous portion of ingredients for your favorite pie to perfectly sized muffin or cupcake. The Breville Personal Pie Maker has a non-stick coating for easy clean up and baking. It also includes pastry cutter and pastry press.

I love Breville company. Every product is built from high-quality materials with a compact and unique design. This Breville Personal Pie Maker will make the pies look crust beautifully. It also can be a great Christmas gift idea.
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