Three Chamber Shower Dispenser

What a cool idea, just like the ones in hotels.

This shower dispensers reduce clutter in the bathroom, very sturdy and would recommend to anyone that hates clutter in the bathroom. The three shampoo containers slide up and off so they are easy fill. This home/bathroom gadget works great and really easy to install.

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Camco Plate Dispenser & Home Gadgets

This filter holder is exactly for those who likes when everything has it’s proper place. Makes pulling a filter quick and easy. Keep paper plates right in the kitchen you need them with the handy Pop a Plate Dispenser. Also, this clever paper plate storage gadget mounts under your RV kitchen cabinets or shelves.

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Joseph Joseph Single Handed Soap Dispenser

Simple one hand operation, use the back of the hand to dispense soap into the palm or onto the fingers.  You can put any liquid soap in it, there is also soap level indicator on the reverse. Sensor-activated automated soap dispensers are a godsend.

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No Wasted Batter and No Mess, Handy Dispenser

Mix and dispense batter with one simple tool. Norpro Batter Dispenser has a soft, comfortable pull handle to effortlessly dispense batter without mess. Dispenser is great for pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, waffles, crepes, sauces and more.
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The Cool New Scissor Tape

You won’t be fumbling around with the sticky tape while reaching for the scissors anymore and they won’t go missing from each other when the next birthday rolls around. This ingenious product combines the two most important gift wrapping instruments: scissors and tape!
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Honey Dispenser the Exact Amount Needed

This is the neatest concept! Fill the glass base with hot water to keep your syrup warm. Simply push down on the thumb lever to dispense. Fill the glass base with warm water to keep the syrup or honey soft and warm. Unique Design prevents spills and drips! This simple item will quickly become indispensable at your breakfast table.
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