Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer

All around fun in the sun. Quite simply one of the greatest summer time accessories ever. Water Bouncer keeps the kids active or the adults lounging anywhere there is water.
Extremely sturdy and can hold so many people. Works as a trampoline on land and as a bouncer on a water.

Water Bouncer

The Island Hopper Water Bouncer comes in one size 13 ft x 26 inches high. Exclusive 1/2″ foam perimeter padded provides added comfort and safety. Features: 3 swimmer assist handles, and 4-step easy access leader for safe mounting.

The Water Bouncer comes with a 1-year warranty and 1-year jump surface, replacement warranty. It also comes with carry storage bag, repair kit, double action hand pump, and instruction manual.

There is nothing more fun to do in the water for children than bouncing on the water trampoline.
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Best Choice Products Multi Functional Cooler

One of the best inventions made. The Multi Functional Cooler is perfect for a day trip to the beach or to the park.

It features movable stack tray, fold-down sides open to a picnic table, sturdy iron tubing stands, 2 foldable stools, durable resin pull handle, and large wide wheels for easy rolling.

While the Multi Functional Cooler comes in a small size, it’s sizeable enough for two people, food, and beverages. Everyone who sees this unique cooler loves it and wants to know where it was purchased. Neat idea.
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Umbrella with Universal Clamp

4-way swiveling umbrella. Universal clamp connects to most surfaces. Also very adjustable with positive lock adjusters. It can clamp on to either round or square cross section. It’s a great way to keep the sun off.

It tilts and has a nice large umbrella. So easy to set up and no matter which way the sun moves or the wind blows, this Umbrella with Universal Clamp works great. Includes protective eye safety and carry bag.

Quick and easy setup for the field, beach, campground and more. Unique gadget and fancy gift idea.
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Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer for Pots and Pans

With Pull-out Cabinet Organizer, you will never bend, stretch or struggle to access cookware again. Organizer designed to fit any standard-depth base cabinet. Fully adjustable and removable hooks accommodate any size and shape of pans and pots.

The pans are handing separately and not touching one another. So, it helps to keep them in pristine condition. If some pots are wider than others, I like the option of moving the hooks back and forth as needed.

This Pull-out Cabinet Organizer is very well constructed. It’s definitely sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of pans. Very easy to install and all you need is a tape measure and an electric screwdriver.
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Bright Feet Lighted Slippers

The fantastic Bright Feet Lighted Slippers that let you see in the dark. The lights in these slippers work very well. Now you can easily walk “hands-free” in darkness areas. Bright feet slippers fit both boys and girls.

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The Lighted Slippers have automated on/off weight and light sensor. Turns off automatically when weight sensor is not activated.

These cozy Lighted Slippers are the perfect gift for a person who has everything.
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Norpro Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster, With Infuser

The Norpro Vertical Roaster makes the best chicken. Very good quality and worth every penny. Works very well and easy to clean. The bird comes out most flavorful, moist and delicious. The skin is dark and crisp all the way around. This kitchen gadget is great for hosting parties.

The Norpro Vertical Roaster can hold up to 8 pound bird and the infuser holds up to 10 ounces. It measures 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Instructions on using the Norpro Vertical Roaster are included.

This is an unqualified recommendation. The best kitchen gadget ever.
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Brookstone Towel Warmer

Nothing can replace the great warm comfort from heated towel after the shower or swim. This Brookstone Towel Warmer I always wanted.

Simply place up the towels inside this Brookstone Towel Warmer as you getting in the shower. Close the lid and press the warming button. So, the towels will be ready in 10 minutes. When you get out grab the towel and enjoy. The warmer stays warm awhile even after the heating cycle is done. It easily holds 3 bath towels.

Make your bathroom comfortable and functional with these unique gadgets.

This is a great little luxury you will use often, especially if you have kids. The gadget warms and keeps towels at up to 120degrees within 10 minutes.
Perfect use it to warm towels before getting out of the pool. Can also warm the sofa throws. The Brookstone Towel Warmer is a great home gadget.
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Sur La Table Macaron Kitchen Timer

Have you made plenty of macarons in the past and they didn’t look great? With Lekue Macaron Kit, your macarons will always look amazing. This mat can be used in up to 450degree. It has a nice design with useful features. It’s durable and you’ll be impressed with the quality.

Looking for Macaron Kitchen Timer? This cute and functional kitchen gadget looks like our favorite macaron. The timer goes up to 60 minutes. It works great and rings loudly. This Sur La Table Macaron Kitchen Timer well made and a perfect addition to the baking set.
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Quirky Pivot Power Smart Flexible Power Strip

The Quirky Pivot Power is the simplest way to turn your home into a smart home. A power strip that can hold all your electronics. The gadget is shapeable, so you can bend it around the corner of the desk at a 90 degree angle. It also comes in other colors which can be kind of fun. The Quirky Pivot Power works perfect for a kitchen, there always need more outlets.

The Smart Flexible Power Strip has a blue light signaling it’s on. You’ll find the Quirky Pivot Power very useful. It’s a perfect home gadget for Christmas decoration or other holidays.

I also love the Quirky Pivot Power Genius which allowing you to independently control two outlets from your mobile device. You will never wonder if you’ve left your lamp on at home again. Absolutely great home gadgets.
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iKross Universal Car Backseat Headrest Mount Holder

Now, with iKross Universal Car Backseat Headrest Mount Holder you’ll have the perfect solution for a long, boring and quite drives. This is a life saver for your road trip with toddlers.

The gadget is fully adjustable to fit most headrests and very easy to install. It will hold any tablets and all smartphones securely. The iKross Universal Car Backseat Headrest Mount Holder adjustable to multiple viewing angles. It even holds the table while in a case.

I also love the Smart Lap Desk, this gadget is everything. The product makes it easy to work in comfort, no matter where you are.

Overall, pretty neat product with great quality. The fact, it extends and swivels make it really easy to operate a tablet from the front passenger seat. Also, it helps to create some distance from the kid’s legs, they don’t kick the tablet.
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