Never Spill Juice Again with Awesome Kitchen Gadget. Handy Carton Holder

This unique Carton Holder is lightweight and makes pouring your favorite beverages much easier. It has no moveable parts and is extremely durable.

Designed for people who find it difficult to handle a heavy or slippery milk or juice carton. Never spill juice again with awesome Carton Holder.
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Handy Pie Gate & Kitchen Gadgets

A slice of pie is even better the day after it’s baked, but you often have to cut away the dried out edges before getting to the really good stuff. This unique pie gate holds the filling in place between servings. This kitchen gadget has a center hinge that opens to any angle, until the last piece is gone. It’s not always necessary, but fun to have on hand kitchen gadgets, especially for Thanksgiving dinner.


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Kitchenart Bottoms-Up, Bottle Holder

Bottoms Up condiment holder keeps any bottle in the house ready to squeeze or pour, a time-saver that’s also economical. This is very handy gadget for holding almost empty bottles upside down so you can get the very last drop out. Incredibly useful and inexpensive bottle holder.


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Keep Herbs Fresh with Prepara Herb Savor

You can prolong the life of your herbs for up to 3 weeks with the cool new Prepara Herb Savor. Keeping herbs handy is a great way to ensure you’ve got fresh flavors in your meals. The easily refillable water well base ensures that herb stems sit slightly submerged in water, keeping them fresh.


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Hotman Trivet Holds any Heavy Cooking Pot

Protect your kitchen surfaces by placing all your hot pots and baking trays on the Hotman Trivet. His mouth allows him to be hung on a hook when not in use. This unique gadget made of durable steel capable of holding heavy pots.

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Useful Kitchen Tool – Staybowlizer, Great for Baking

The Staybowlizer is a heat-resistant silicone circle which holds bowls in place while you’re whisking or stirring in ingredients so you don’t have to worry about your work bowl shifting or ingredients spilling.

Consider the Staybowlizer your “third-hand” in the kitchen and a welcome replacement to the “damp-towel” method of bowl steadying so commonly used by chefs the world over.

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Hands-Free Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder

The holiday season is a time for leftovers, and that is why the Baggy Rack storage holder would be handy to have around during this time of year.  The hands free ziplock bag holder will hold your bag up, and open for you so that filling up the bag is as easy as you know filling up a bag that’s being held open for you.
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Convenient Cake Lifter by Nordic Ware

With unique non stick Cake Lifter is perfect for lifting cakes to a platter after frosting to maintain the beauty of your creation. This spatula is also great for use with pizzas and pies! This baking gadget design is large enough to fit most cakes and the handle folds for easy storage.
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