Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper

Getting a perfect scoop helps your cookies evenly baked down perfectly flat and round each time. The dough scoops will easily fall onto your cookie sheet just where you want them. Works every time.

Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper creates uniform cookies. It has soft, comfortable spring-loaded handle, made of stainless steel material. Wiper cleanly ejects even sticky dough.

The Norpro Scoop and Release Cookie Dropper is the secret for easy baking. Make a perfect cookie scoop portion each time.
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Lekue Pumpkin 3D Mold

If you love to bake and looking for new products, you should have this Lekue Pumpkin 3D Mold. This neat and creative for holidays.

This Pumpkin Mold made of platinum silicone and can go in the oven or microwave. They treated with a special nonstick surface, only need to oil them before first use to active the nonstick properties. For perfect results allow the cake to cool completely. To remove your cake pull the sides away gently and press on the base until it comes away.

For me, this Lekue Pumpkin 3D Mold is amazing. It’s sturdy enough to keep the shape and flexible that you can release the cake with no problem. Great gadget for holidays coming.

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