Deluxe Corn Stripper

Corn Stripper home kitchen gadgets accessories

Overview of the Product

Don’t want risk being cut by a sharp knife again?. Hands safely stay away from sharp blades with this corn stripper that contains splatters so there’s no mess to clean up. This clever food prep tool is engineered for easy use and finished in a cheerful shade of yellow to complement every kitchen.

It works in seconds so you can whiz through as many ears of corn as you’d like.
- Kernels fall into the easy-to-empty chamber
- Juice and splatters are contained, so there’s no mess
- Use with fresh, cooked and (defrosted) frozen corn on the cob

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Adjustable Pan Organizer Rack

The Adjustable Pan Organizer Rack  is very handy and helps to keep your pans without being messy. It’s a sturdy product that should last a long time. Easily adjustable.

If the space of your kitchen is very limited than this kitchen gadget comes really handy for you. You don’t have to pick up all of the pans to get one on the bottom. Store your pans and pots without touching each other.

Having a 3-Tier Oven Rack is like having a second oven. A wonderful product for times when you are preparing a big meals. It holds so many dishes.

The Adjustable Pan Organizer Rack is a space saver, kitchen organizer, and awesome gift idea. The best useful kitchen gadgets!
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