The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop Gadget

No clumps of meat! Mix and Chop gadget works wonderful and when the meat is mixed into sauces, it is fantastic and all the same small size. Just great tool for use in the kitchen. This product is perfect for easily chopping up frozen ground beef, turkey or chicken on the stove in a pan.

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Useful Kitchen Tool – Staybowlizer, Great for Baking

The Staybowlizer is a heat-resistant silicone circle which holds bowls in place while you’re whisking or stirring in ingredients so you don’t have to worry about your work bowl shifting or ingredients spilling.

Consider the Staybowlizer your “third-hand” in the kitchen and a welcome replacement to the “damp-towel” method of bowl steadying so commonly used by chefs the world over.

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Joseph Prep and Serve Functional Bowl

This simple, stylish product combines the functions of a preparation bowl, colander and a serving bowl in one convenient design.  You can rinse, drain, mix and serve food all in one bowl. This Joseph salad bowl comes in small and large sizes. Joseph Prep and Serve Functional Bowl is really convenient to drain liquids from food.

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Joseph Joseph Flat and Balloon Whisk

Simply twist the base of handle to select flat whisk or balloon whisk. Joseph Joseph Flat whisk is ideal for mixing sauces in low pans, and balloon whisk is great for eggs, cream, and more. All the parts of this gadget can be easily separated for cleaning and, after use, Twist can be closed flat for convenient storage in a drawer.

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No Wasted Batter and No Mess, Handy Dispenser

Mix and dispense batter with one simple tool. Norpro Batter Dispenser has a soft, comfortable pull handle to effortlessly dispense batter without mess. Dispenser is great for pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, waffles, crepes, sauces and more.
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Great for Baking, Prepara’s Better Batter Beater

The Better Batter Beater is a cordless handheld unit with a high-torque motor that combines wet and dry ingredients quickly for light and fluffy results. This unique gadget is a compact, cordless, hand-held mixer that is perfect for brownies, pancakes, pudding, cake batter and more.
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Every Women Must Have in the Kitchen – Automatic Sauce Stirrer, Unique Gadget

At the push of a button, this unique product rotates by itself and travels around your pan stirring sauces, soups, porridge, gravy and lots more perfectly. Stir Crazy works with practically any pot or pan, can operate for up to 4 hours in temperatures up to 572 degrees.

Now you can get more done in less time in the kitchen. We like new gadgets that should make our work in the kitchen easier and dinner more-yummy. So, make a Christmas gift for yourself, it’s an awesome kitchen gadget.
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Cuppow Canning Jar Converter – Review. Mix & Dip Food

Canning jars are designed to store food safely and make awesome lunch boxes. They are easy to clean, cheap, and you can microwave them!

The only problem is that sometimes the foods that taste the best together don’t travel well together. The Cuppow Canning Jar Converter created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ.

You will love being able to take veggies and dip in one container. Also, it’s a great kitchen gadget for holiday gift.

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