Quirky Grill Wrangler Tong

Enjoy a new Quirky Grill Wrangler Tong while grilling BBQ. You will fall in love with this unique gadget at first time you use it. It makes grilling so much simpler with a high-performance spatula, fork, and tongs.

This Quirky Grill Wrangler Tong is very well made and sturdy. Comes in large size but lightweight. Whether you are gripping chicken wings, flipping burgers or spearing hot dogs, it transforms into the tool you need when you need it.

This unique gadget is made from stainless steel material and plastic. It has the perfect size 16.5″ L x 3.3″W x 1″ D and shape for picking up and turning everything from sausages to grilled vegetables.

You can be sure of a quality product that will last all summer long. Have an amazing barbecue experience this summer.
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