Three Chamber Shower Dispenser

What a cool idea, just like the ones in hotels.

This shower dispensers reduce clutter in the bathroom, very sturdy and would recommend to anyone that hates clutter in the bathroom. The three shampoo containers slide up and off so they are easy fill. This home/bathroom gadget works great and really easy to install.

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Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler

There is no need to have discomfort when bathing an infant or child with a bath kneeler mat. Unique Bath Kneeler a convenient and useful product that helps parents supervise baby’s bath comfortably. The simple fold-away design makes for easy storage virtually anywhere.
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AquaNotes, The Waterproof Notepad

If you are among those who get most of your creative ideas in the shower, then go ahead and doodle your Waterproof Notes in the shower. Even after being completely soaked by the shower, the pencil worked just as it would on a dry notepad. The AquaNote pencil has an eraser that works amazingly well.
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Fancy Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Get your tunes blasting and make your shower time an even better part of your day. Shower Speaker connected through bluetooth technology, you can have your phone sitting in a safe and dry countertop while listening to the music from it on this waterproof speaker. Works in a range of up to ten meters.
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LED Light Rain Shower Head, Color Changing Control

This Hydro-Powered romantic shower head comes with 5 built in LED lights that slowly change color while you shower. Now while this gadget looks really cool, and I’d love to take a shower under one of these, I think I’ll have to pass for now. Add a bit of color to your family bathroom.
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Ipad Musical Shower Curtain

Can’t live a moment away from your smartphone or tablet even when you hit the shower? Then you seriously got to check out The iPad Musical Shower Curtain. It has built-in speakers and a touch-sensitive waterproof pocket that safely holds your device on the shower-facing side for easy reach and control. This shower curtain will forever change your bathing experience!
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Get a Leg Up Safely in the Shower

This is a bathroom idea for the ladies out there.

Made for cubicle type showers where there’s no place to rest your foot for shaving. Position the footrest at any height with its strong suction cup. Also, we all know back pain and mobility are huge issues for pregnant women. The Leg Up Safely Footrest can help with that!

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