Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Forget the fast food drive-through. This Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is totally awesome. Works surprisingly well. The sandwiches always come out perfect and the cheese melts nicely. If you set a 5 minutes timer the egg cooks delicious and not overcooked.

There is no mess at all and you’ll have a perfect breakfast for very little effort. By the time, you’re done eating, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker cools down enough to rinse off. Quick and easy recipes included. Easy clean up – all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Makes 1 to 2 sandwiches.

This Breakfast Maker is going to be the best Christmas gift for your family.
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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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Knit Cap With 5 LED Lights

This Knit Cap will be perfect for walking your dog at night in the cold. The Knit Cap With 5 LED Lights provides you a hands-free flashlight to keep you warm and dry. You truly can’t understand how useful it is to have lights on your hat.

This unique hat with LED lights would be a pretty fun Christmas gift for your friend, or a truck driver. The LED lights are very bright and point in the right direction. The batteries last for long enough. It fits nicely on regular size head. Good price and fast shipping.


Knit Cap With 5 LED Lights

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PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox

PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox makes dieting and portion control easy-just the right amount of food, without to weight or measure meals. Quickly assemble healthy and delicious meals to go for school or office lunches, as well as travel, picnic, or family outings.

This PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox made out of high-quality stainless steel, it’s the safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic. Individual compartments ensure that foods don’t touch each other and that lunch arrives looking neat and appealing.

Each set comes with a PlanetBox Lunchbox, two lidded containers with a silicone rubber for packing wet, messy foods; a carry bag made out of recycled material, and a set of hip magnets to decorate the top of the lunchbox. The PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox also has a pocket to hold your own bottle water, and a separate compartment to hold a snack.
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Multi Kitchen Gadget Easy Opener

With this Multi Kitchen Gadget Easy Opener no more breaking your nails, cutting or hurting your hands trying to open pop top cans, bottles or jars. It easier to open many items we use every day. This is a great all-in-one gadget that will replace at least 5 gadgets in your kitchen.

The Multi Kitchen Gadget Easy Opener includes a Jar Opener, Ring Pull Can Opener, Twist Off Bottle Opener, Arthritis Sufferers and Seniors, and Flicks the Top of Glass bottles. Save time, energy and be independent with this awesome tool.

This little gadget is a perfect Holiday gift for just about any age. Extremely handy multi-opener does all for you.
Multi Kitchen Gadget Easy Opener

Jokari Deluxe Soda Can Protection Caps

I am not soda drinker at all, but I know any American love soda. Some people love Pepsi, others drink Fanta or even Canada Dry. No matter what kind of brand you like, you all want your soda fizzy.

Protect your soda and keep it fizzy and cold with little can caps from Jokari. These Jokari Deluxe Soda Can Protection Caps are the best gadgets ever. Locking flip top prevents major spills. Easily fits most cans. With these can caps protect your children, yourself and your soft drink.

They have a patented bee proof screen that helps to prevent major spills and keep fizz it. A must have for anyone who often drinks soda.
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Icy Bottle Sticks Trays

Finally an easy way to cool water bottle and the sports bottle with narrow tops. The Prepworks Set of 3 Icy Bottle Sticks Trays designed to easily slip into a water bottle, keeping drinks icy cold. No more bloated frozen bottles or cracking ice to fit into your water bottle.

I love the flexible design of Icy Bottle Sticks Trays, allows ice sticks to pop out quickly and easily. Each tray makes 10 long skinny ice sticks. Just pour water into the standard size ice trays and stack in the freezer. When the ice sticks are frozen, pop out a few sticks and drop them into your bottle beverage.

Each tray measures 10.5 inches long by 45inch wide. BPA free and dishwasher safe. These Icy Bottle Sticks are perfect for soda, bottled water, juice and more.
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Cozy Sleeping Bag Selk’bag Original 4G

Every single time I go camping I have the problem of getting cozy. Trying to wrap myself in that huge sleeping bag takes a lot of effort. And after a long day of fishing and swimming all we want to have is comfy and dream of a better place. But that doesn’t happen, at least not as fast as we would like it.

This amazing Cozy Sleeping Bag Selk’bag Original 4G is perfect to snuggle in with a loved one. Or just lay down in it, zip yourself up and just zone everything out like a bear ready for hibernation. It has a little kangaroo pocket in the front for your own personal treasures.

I like the soft polyester shell with a ripstop and water-resistant finish is both comfortable and durable.

The Cozy Sleeping Bag Selk’bag Original 4G is zippered leg area and arm slots mean you are free to stay in your cozy castle while you do whatever you wish. Compact carry sack allows for easy portability to and from the campsite, car or wherever you want.
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Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory

I love beautiful and practical kitchen gadgets. There’s a whole world of unique cooking tools out there to simplify our life. Make your work in the kitchen much easier and more enjoyable.

Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory

It’s time to start cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables during summer months. Food Strainer with Ingenious Design allows for easy, effortless straining of liquids in the sink, in a cup or in a plant.

Both bowl and strainer are made of durable, food-grade, BPA-free Polypropylene. This Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory is lightweight, tough, and 100% guaranteed to outlast competing products. The bowl is microwave and freezer safe. Measures 11.4 ounces.
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How to Deseed a Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the tastiest and healthier fruit to eat. Adding more fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C to your everyday meals is a great habit. Pomegranate improving dental health, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and fighting cancer. It’s a delicious fruit but extremely frustrating to eat.

You think there is no easy way to separate seeds from the inedible part of pomegranate? The Pomegranate Deseeder will change your life! You will eating this healthy and delicious fruit all the time now. With Pomegranate Tool, you will never ask again How to Deseed a Pomegranate.

The Pomegranate Tool

This unique gadget solves the problem. Now, you can pit an entire pomegranate in less than 2 minutes. The Pomegranate Tool makes it easier to enjoy the health benefits found in fresh fruit. This kitchen gadget includes a cup, grid screen, flexible dome and a bowl to catch the seeds. Dishwasher safe.

How to Deseed a Pomegranate

Remove the crown and cut a pomegranate in half. Place half of pomegranate on the grid and cover the fruit with a dome top. Then, tap firmly with a large heavy spoon. Seeds fall out with no mess or fuss. Works like a charm.
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Chef’s Wand Oil Dispenser

The Chef’s Wand Oil Dispenser is adding the perfect amount of oil to your food or pan. Simply brush the silicone bristles of the Oil Wand on whatever you want add oil to.

Squeeze the bulb and the bulb releases oil to the heat resistant silicone brush. I like that silicone bristles resist stains and heat up to 650 degrees. It also has a storage base. Pretty simple kitchen gadget you need every day.
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