Nostalgia Electrics Breakfast Station

You are going to love this Nostalgia Electrics Breakfast Station.

Preparing three things at once for a meal in the morning it’s just awesome. Combining a toaster oven, cook an egg, sausage plate and a coffee maker into a single unit.

I think it would best suit college students or someone living alone in a place with limited counter space. Also, the  Nostalgia Electrics Breakfast Station is a perfect size for RV.

Enjoy your breakfast with this unique kitchen gadget.
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Nostalgia Electrics Breakfast Station

Indoor Food Composter, Gadgets For Home

Some people throw their food waste in a compost pile, but not everyone lives in such an area where they’re able to have their own compost pile in the backyard or garden.

The Indoor Food Composter – cool gadget for home

The Food Cycler is capable of composting common food waste like citrus rinds, coffee grounds, and scraps, along with things like bones, pits, shells and even fast food hamburgers. The removable, dishwasher-safe basket allows the Composting Machine to operate anywhere saving valuable counter space.

How the Indoor Food Cycler works:

You simply put the food into the basket inside, close the lid and hit start. Once you’ve started a cycle, the machine uses a combination of heat and agitation to quietly sanitize your compost and break it down into smaller particles. In a matter of hours, you’ll have a small basket of nutrient-rich soil amendments.

Also, the unit is designed to contain odors plus there’s no more outdoor compost either. Use the nutrient-dense result in your garden. What a cool gadget for home nowadays.

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