The Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion, Gadgets For Home

Gadgets for a home are becoming a part of our everyday life. Just about everything in your house you see can be controlled digitally through Wifi and Bluetooth nowadays.

     The Belkin WeMo system offer the ability to control your home electronics from anywhere. The Belkin’s WeMo Switch + Motion works on any iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad running iOS 5 or later. With the free WeMo app, you will be able to check if you left the oven on or to turn off any other device you might accidentally have forgotten about when leaving the house.

      You just simply plug the sensor’s A/C module into an outlet in your home and position the sensor. Next, plug the Belkin WeMo Switch into a separate outlet and plug a device as a heater, fan, lamp, or coffeemaker into the switch. The sensor detects motion up to 10 feet away. Whether you want to turn on a light from your kitchen, front yard or office, the BelkinWeMo Switch has you covered.

With several of these switch controllers and a few cameras, you can keep a close eye on your property when you’re not there.

The Belkin’s WeMo Switch + Motion is an excellent device
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