The Laundry POD Portable Washing Machine

If you are looking for unique gadgets for home simplify your life, you are in the right place.

Save water and energy with The Laundry POD Portable Washing Machine. Now you can hand wash your clothes without getting your hands wet. The Laundry Pod is a non-electrical, portable, and compact washing device. I think it’s ideal for dorms, RV’s, boating and camping.

How The Laundry POD works:

Dirty clothes are placed in the device’s inner basket. The Laundry Pod can handle up to 6 garments at a time. Then, a mere 1 – 1.5 gallons of water are poured over the load, plus a standard pour of detergent. Once you’ve placed your clothes into The Laundry POD it’s a simple process. The entire process takes about ten minutes to complete. It is gentle enough for hand wash only clothing.

The instructions are very simple to follow and it does not take much time.
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